Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

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°Celsius = (°Fahrenheit - 32) * 5/9

What is this tool for?

This tool provides instant conversions between Fahrenheit and Celsius and vice versa. Let's face it, your life is easier when you don't need to learn and remember lots of stuff.

Celsius To Fahrenheit Conversion

When we convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, we add 32 to the Celsius amount and multiply by 9/5. Similarly, when converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, we subtract 32, multiply the result by 5, and then divide by 9. Use this conversion calculator together with the conversion tables below to find the Celsius equivalent of Fahrenheit temperatures.

Difference between the units

Celsius is used by pretty much every country on the planet except for the United States, its territories and a few other small nations. The scientific community also uses Celsius for many practices.

The numbers Celsius is based around – 0 degrees for freezing and 100 degrees for boiling – are more straight forward and make more sense. Fahrenheit, however, has the benefit of being more precise. For example, while 32 degrees Fahrenheit = 0 degrees Celsius, 35 degrees Fahrenheit = 1.6 degrees Celsius, which would likely be rounded up to 2°C to avoid having to use decimals.

Who created the Celsius?

Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer and mathematician, invented the Celsius temperature scale in 1742. It's used around the world to measure temperature and is also called the centigrade scale.

Who created the Fahrenheit?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, the inventor of the Fahrenheit scale, was born on this day in 1686. His scale was widely used in the US until the 20th century. Fahrenheit and the Invention of the Thermometer.

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