QR Code Generator

Do you want to print your own Qr Codes and label them yourself - in your own home or work? It is easier than you think with fast and simple QR Code Generator Tool.

What is a QR code?

A Qr Code is a type of bar code used to digitally store data in an image. This barcode can be read by cell phones and iPhones as well as digital cameras.

What is the benefits of using QR code?

Qr codes have been available to consumers for several years. Users typically enjoy a great deal of convenience when they utilize mobile phone equipped with a barcode scanner, to be able to collect a wide array of information on a small advertising space.

They can be used for a vast array of cases, from opening websites, finding information, reading more about a business, open maps and online payments.

How to use QR code?

To scan a QR code you need to install a QR code reader. On Android this is as simple as downloading a QR code reader app from Google Play.

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