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A Free, Easy-to-Use Scrolling Text Generator.

If you are looking for a free scrolling text generator, then look no further. You can create your own marquee with this simple and easy-to-use generator. All you have to do is configure the scrolling text how you like it and generate the HTML code for it.

We at MicroWebTools are pleased to present to you a free and easy-to-use scrolling text generator that you can use in generating your own marquee with the desired configuration and HTML code generation capability.

How to use the Scrolling Text generator?

To use the Scrolling Text generator is very simple, you just need to select type the text you want to generate, and after that configure the scrolling text behavior.

Why and when to use scrolling text for your websites?

You can use scrolling text to inform visitors about new products, provide updates and offer specials. You can also use it as a call-to-action for a specific product or service. It will help you in building relationships with your customers and improve the conversion rate of your website.

What is a marquee and how to use it?

A marquee is a scrolling text that usually contains messages and images. It is also known as scrolling banners or scrolls. There are many free generators on the internet where you can create your own marquee to promote products, services, organizations and events.

When was scrolling text and marquee invented?

Marquees were invented in the 1950s when they started being used on Broadway to advertise live performances. This is how the word "marquee" came about. They originally only showed their title, but over time they have evolved into having more content and scrolling messages that can be seen from afar.

Does the marquee HTML tag still work?

Yes, it does. You still can it on the latest versions of browsers like Firefox or Chrome but they have discontinued support for this feature.

What can I use instead of HTML marquee?

There are many alternatives to the marquee HTML tag such as graphics, images and sound files, but you have to download them. Another is using JavaScripts like scrolling text with jQuery plugin or the ScrollTo script

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